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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Link Between Penis Size And Sexual Performance

“Does size matter?” 
It’s the age-old question that has caught the interest of a lot of men and women. Most women, when asked this question, would most likely say it’s not the size, but the performance itself that makes a difference.
Suave and smooth moves in the bedroom can very well make up for an average or small sized package. But guys, we also know that 50% of the time, women fake orgasm. So will it really surprise us if we find out that really, if women are being bluntly honest, that size does matter?
For a lot of men, size does matter, primarily because size affects confidence.
A man with a small dick will meet with ridicule, whereas a man with a big package will be greeted with amazement. If you are happy with your size, you know that you don’t need to worry about pleasing a woman in bed. And this will make a hell of a difference in your confidence around women.
When you are confident in your ability to perform well in the bedroom, chances are that you will actually perform better. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. The more secure you are, the more adventurous you can be with your moves, the more you can focus on sexual satisfaction, rather than worrying about whether or not you “measure up” to her expectations.
A bigger package also makes you feel good in another kind of way. When you’re with other guys, and you know you are bigger than them, you can just feel the envy from the other, not-so-well-endowed guys. This is because, again, we all know that size matters.
So, what is considered “big” and what’s “average”. Average penis size is 5 to 7 inches in length when erect. However, “big” is relative. Some men consider themselves well endowed at 7 inches, whereas others are happy with 8 inches. But what’s certain is, if you are unhappy with your size, it can really ruin your sexual performance. The link between penis size and self confidence makes it so.
Is there something you can do if you want to increase your penis size?
The short answer is, thankfully, a resounding “yes!”. But you have to be wary about the method that you choose. Some methods that advertise themselves as penis enlargement devices or programs are nothing more than scams out to make a quick buck. Other methods are downright dangerous and can cause serious injury. So be sure to do some research before you subscribe or try anything.
Some methods that you should definitely avoid are surgery (carries a high risk of losing the ability to have an erection), pills (not FDA approved, no scientific study proving efficacy, and can even carry dangerous substances), and vacuum pumps (not intended for penis enlargement, can cause damage to penile tissues and injury to penis).
One of the safest methods that’s also quite effective, is using penis enlargement exercises. These exercises, which make use of your hands and are all natural, work by encouraging new and stronger cells to form on the cell walls of your penis’ Corpora Cavernosa, causing a permanent enhancement in the length and the thickness of your penis. Visit PenisAdvantage for more information on this reliable method that has used by tens of thousands of men.